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    The Challenge:

    2 Years ago, we reworked our packaging material from plastic materials to an earth-friendly alternative. This allowed us to decrease the amount of plastic used when shipping our product.

    According to research, if we do not stop using this material, 4x more will flow into our oceans by 2040.

    Save the earth. Ride Silverback Bikes.

    Save the earth. Ride Silverback Bikes.

    This is the first step we have made, but that doesn't stop there! We are looking into different packaging ideas and are trying to determine what is right for us and right for the environment. On top of that, we are trying to figure out what will be best for our customers when they receive their product.

    "Ideally, a sustainable product will have a longer lifespan, with an enjoyable product experience." The Founder.

    Planet Earth Sustainability 

    As part of our Planet Earth Sustainability campaign, we have promised to reduce plastic and we have started this journey. Silverback Bikes has moved to more eco-friendly packaging, for service, upgrade parts and more.

    Our goal is to reduce waste and deliver more sustainable products which will help us eliminate much single-use plastic as possible.


    "The Silverback Technologie Gmbh Group’s overriding aim is electrifying the product portfolio and switching to renewable energy for manufacturing, our company is focusing particularly on the principles and ethos of the circular economy." The Founder.

    We at Silverback bikes are very proud that we have addressed this nature regarding Europe and the world's environmental and social issues. 

    New Solutions:

    Less build time, easy assembly, and zero plastic.

    We have developed a new business model to reduce plastic and reuse packaging. For example, we have stopped wrapping our bikes in plastic and now using recycling material.

    Let's talk about Smart Packaging:

    This new bike packaging has been reinvented from the ground up. New Silverback bikes are carefully wrapped in 100% recyclable cardboard – not only is this better for the environment, but the added bonus is that our bikes are also easier and quicker to assemble.

    Silverback's Smart Packaging is all about starting the adventure as soon as possible!  


    1. Easy To Assemble 
    2. Stable Reusable Stand For Bike Storage 

    At Silverback, we are ready to take action and throw away the plastic. We will continue to bring innovative changes in design and pioneering ideas that pollute less so that all our customers can enjoy a future without plastic.

    We have been exploring ways in which high standards of quality and sustainability can be enjoyed together with the customers. With a practical approach, we believe that we can come up with ongoing solutions for packaging material which can help us to reduce plastic waste and even save money. 

    "Our new S-SERIES Electric designs are packed with innovative ideas for combining sustainability with a new, inspirational aesthetic, where form and function are at the core. "The Founder.

    We are always on the lookout for new ideas to minimize our environmental footprints, such as sourcing local raw materials, sustainable packaging solutions and manufacturing processes as well as reducing transport costs by shipping with sea cargo instead of air freight. 

    Over time, we hope to bring more packaging innovations and announcements like our smart boxing in order to convert towards a cleaner environment.