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    Better By Design

    This is the story of the company that promised to commits to excellence in ̈design and engineering,to a culture that is centered of being better, different and progressive.

    We want to be flexible and fast.

    In 2004, Silverback was foundedwith a mission to inspire and impact the world with a mission to inspire and impact the world with a vision to do good.

    A company with a purpose and with great designs.We know through creative and innovative ideas in product and process, we can grow, we can scale to be ableto make a difference to the people without charging a premium.

    Normally the features and characteristics of design dictates its shape. Form follows function.

    In our case, we believe both must synergise. We want greatshape and equally great function. It's hard, but great brands make it possible in design.

    That's our aim.

    We work as a special task team,consisting of creative thinkers, engineers and designers.

    This task team works together, to develop the next generation project. It's small and every project that is being worked on together is very close to our hearts, to expand the boundaries of what is possible.

    The Stratos MTB

    Asymmetric is a Silverback designprinciple that considers riding forces individually as opposed to a collective. A principle that considers riding forces individually as opposed to a collective.


    A calculated approach dissipates riding forces according to the magnitudeand direction, resulting in a more balanced and unbiased riding experience.

    The Stratos frame is strong and stiff in critical  areas, optimising the use of material and ultimately frame weight.

    A geometry designed to engage multiple muscle groups while pedalling and thus generate more power with the same amount of force.

    Thus generate more power with the same amount of force. The longer frame puts the rider in amore balanced position, allowing thegrip to be improved at the rear on climbs and at the front on descents.

    A longer wheelbase and a more relaxed head angle mean more control when drivingas well as a better position on climbs and traction on descents.

    The Branched Unified Rear Suspension

    Technology (BURST) system is comprised of a solid rear triangle, kinematics that generatea rising rate leverage to allow for small bump sensitivity and big head absorption, all which helps keep†̈the frame stiff and light.

    To establish Silverback's position as a game changer.

    As a design brand we will be pursuinga convergence of form and function meets CO2 in ways never been seen before.

    We are determined to fascinate the worldwith new shapes and science in design that will change the game forever.

    We are the brand for the people and the planet.