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    Andalucía MTB Race Results: Spain Takes 2nd Place

    The tenth edition of the Andalucía MTB Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén 2020 saw Silverback rider, Juan Pedro Trujillo finish second place in the Master 40 category on the 1st of March.

    Andalucía MTB Race Results: Spain Takes 2nd Place
    Silverback CDC Trujillo Rider, Juan Pedro Trujillo.

    The six stages of ascent was a test of the highest world category in Cordovan, Spain.

    Juan Pedro Trujillo had a nice battle on his Silverback Stratos SBC to get on the podium of the general and the master stage 40. In the end, he finished second on the stage.

    The beginning of the stage passed through the Vega of the Guadalquivir River crossing Marmolejo to the Hermitage of the Virgin of the Cabeza through La Centera with a stretch that is unforgettable: the drop of the Caracolillos, the climb of El Madroño and the Descent from Old Way to the goal.

    The Andalucía Bike MTB Race ended after seven hard days in the saddle. In the last stage of 58.7km and 1239m, Silverback rider, Jose Sanchez finished 28th elite, “it was a tough week of racing as things did not start off well from the first day. I had a great experience and it was a good week of training for my next races,” he adds.

    This race was a great test for those international sports elites to score for the 2020 Tokyo Games later this year.

    MASTER 40

    1. José Maria Guerrero Ortega (OLYMPIA FACTIRY CYCLING TEAM)           16:34:06

    2. Juan Pedro Trujillo (JUAN PEDRO TRUJILLO, C.D.C)                                 16:55:39

    3. Massimo Debertolis (WILIE 7C FORCE)                                                        17:08:54

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