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    Why It’s Best: Scalini

    In a sport where marginal gains are everything and a second can be the difference between winning a losing, it is essential to have the right weapon. The key focus when designing the Scalini was to create an aerodynamic bicycle perfect for triathlons and time trials.silverback Why It's Best: Silverback Scalinisilverback Why It's Best: Silverback Scalini

    Form: The Scalini has an external fork steerer and an external head tube which allows the frame leading edge to be far more streamlined. Resulting in a smaller frontal area, a more streamlined profile, and ultimately decreased Form Drag on the leading edge.

    The stem integrates into the top tube, therefore, reducing the exposed frontal area form drag. To reduce the exposed area, the handlebar clamp has further been streamlined.

    Surface: To aid the airflow over the Scalini frame, the tube profiles have a smooth transition at junctions, with no disruptive profiles.

    The tube profiles are aerofoil inspired to control the boundary layer separation of the airflow. These aerofoil profiles are especially well suited for their low drag coefficients.

    Breaking Through The Air Barrier

    Scalini: Aerodynamic

    Interference: A leading-edge fairing design on the seat tube, controls the airflow around the rear wheel, resulting in reduced interference drag on the rear wheel.

    The stem reduces interference drag between the frame and the stem, compared to traditional applications.

    The front brake caliper tucks away neatly behind the fork, to reduce the interference drag the component will typically generate when mounted on the front. Similarly, the Scalini’s rear brake caliper tucks away under the bottom bracket, to reduce the interference drag the component will typically generate mounted on the seat stays.

    silverback Why It's Best: Silverback Scalini
    Weight: 8.83kg


    • Tilt adjustment for extension bars, 10 ° adjustment.
    • Spring-loaded quick-release on the brake lever
    • Carbon Fibre brake lever blade
    • Stack adjustment of stem and extension bars w/ spacers
    • Top Tube bolt boss for Bento box or water bottle
    • Seat Tube bolt boss for storage case
    • Integrated front brake
    • Aerofoil seat post profile
    • Crank power meter compatible
    • Semi-internal housing allows for relative ease of disassembly for packing.
    • Semi-deep alloy/carbon wheelset, ideal for training purpose
    • Shimano Di2 compatible

    The Scalini allows the rider to compete with comfort and confidence in an aerodynamic position, whilst out chasing for that podium spot.