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    5 Mountain bikes under €1500

    Choosing a mountain bike is tough! There are so many things to consider. We thought we would help you out, by compiling a list of bicycles to consider when you are on a budget. Here is our value for money buys that will get you to shredding in no time.

    STRATOS AL5 (€1499)

    The Stratos AL5 is a value packed dual suspension mountain bike. Featuring the same highly capable suspension platform as our top-end xc racing bikes. The AL5 is an affordable introduction into racing. Equipped with a standard metric shock, tapered head tube as well as a 150mm dropper post, therefore this bike is easy to upgrade as your riding progresses.

    This dual suspension mountain bike has a 120mm front fork. This caters for the evolving cross-country course and the growing trail riding movement. It also gives confidence on technical terrain. 

    Spec highlights:  RockShox Judy Silver, Internal dropper post ready, asymmetric frame design, Surface rims and Surface alloy control parts

    Competitor Pricing: €1400 – €1700

    Read more about this bike: Ready, set, Stratos AL 5.0 


    Silverback Stratos AL5 Mountain Bike

     Stratos AL5

    SLADE TRAIL (€1399)

    If riding trails and going downhill fast is more your thing, the Slade Trail is what you should be looking at. Featuring our sweet spot geometry, this bike promises uncompromising climbing and prowess descending. Tyre compatibility is 27.5×2.8″ or 29″ up to 2.6″ wide, giving plenty of setup options and creating our most versatile hardtail ever. 

    The Slade Trail’s slightly heavier brother, the Slade Comp comes in at €899. The major difference between these two mountain bikes being the fork and the wheelset.

    Spec highlights: Dropper seat post, RockShox Revelation Fork, Internal Cable routing, 1X11 Shimano drivetrain

    Competitor pricing: €1500+

    Silverback Slade Trail Mountain Bike
    Slade Trail

    STRIDE SX (€849)

    The Stride SX features all the elements of a high-end mountain bike at a fraction of the price. The brand new 12 Speed SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain, give this bike a competitive edge over other mid-level bicycles. Designed with a slacker head angle of 67.5 degrees, this bike inspires confidence. It also guarantees improves handling over the technical terrain that modern cross-country tracks offer. 

    Spec highlights:  Sram SX Eagle, Internal Dropper post ready, POP geometry, tubeless ready wheelset (rim tape and valves in the box)

    Competitor price: €999 – €1120

    Silverback Stride SX Mountain Bike

     Sola 1

    SOLA 1 (€1499)

    If you are interested in cross-country racing and you cannot justify the spend on carbon. We suggest you have a look at the very capable Sola 1.

    Using race geometry, this lightweight aluminium mountain bike frame gives the rider great stiffness for maximum pedal power. The 12X Sram GX Eagle gives you plenty of gear range, ideal for the steep climbs and technical descends a cross country track offers. 

    If 12 speed drive-train doesn’t excite you or your budget is tight, you can always consider the Sola 2 selling for €1199). The major difference between these two bikes being the drive-train and heavier wheels on the Sola 2.

    Spec highlights:  Sram GX Eagle, RockShox Judy Silver, Thru Axle dropouts, boost hubs, Internal Cable routing

    Competitor price: €1100 – €1500

    Silverback Sola 1 Mountain Bike

     Spectra Elite

    SPECTRA ELITE (€1099)

    Utilizing similar geometry to the Sola range, the Spectra is also a Cross-country platform. This bike is designed to give maximum pedal power in testing conditions.

    Unlike the Sola range, the Spectra uses a QR axle and a 2×10 Shimano Drive-train. 

    Rest of the products in the Spectra mountain bike range are all below €1000.

    Spec highlights:  RockShox Judy Silver RL Fork, Internal Cable routing, 1×11 Shimano Drivetrain, boost hubs

    Competitor pricing: €1120 – €1180 

    Silverback Spectra Elite Mountain Bike


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