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    Stratos CF 1 enters the toughest race on earth

    Silverback Stratos CF 1 Pilot, Pierre de Jager, 57 years old will be doing The Munga for the third time in a row.

    “I will not be racing, but I will enjoy the time in the saddle with a friend and cherish this trip on my Silverback Stratos”

    Riders will experience the toughest race on earth and ride through the most beautiful and barren terrain in South Africa.

    Stratos CF 1 enters the toughest race on earth
    His weapon of choice for the 2019 Munga MTB Race


    Pierre is a very experienced and respected adventurer. He comes from a running family, has earned his triathlon colors and finished Iron Man triathlons 10 times with 3 x top finishes.

    His mountain bike race history:

    • 10 x Ironman Triathlons
    • 4 x ABSA Cape Epic
    • 2 x Comrades Marathons
    • 4 x Two Oceans Marathons
    • 1 x Berg River Canoe Marathon
    • 3 x Duzi Canoe Marathons
    • 4 x Fish River Canoe Marathons
    • 5 x Attakwas MTB
    • 4 x Trans Baviaans MTB
    • 6 x Wines2Whales
    • 7 x Tankwa Trek MTB
    • 1 x Trans Karoo 245km MTB
    • 1 x 36One MTB over 361km
    • And many more!

    “The Munga Mountain bike race is a race where you “find” yourself. You get to go outside your comfort zone and that is where life begins…”


    • How did you start training for The Munga physical and mentally?

    Your preparation is during the whole year as you enter for other endurance races. Actual race prep starts about 4-6 months prior to the Munga. I believe I am mentally strong enough, but by doing longer endurance races prior to the Munga helps to get the mental thing strong.

    • How do you plan on keeping a phone and GPS charged for 5days?

    I have 3 x battery packs and one of them is solar. My lights are also important as we will be riding more at night time this year. The days are extremely hot and the wind very strong at stages. So, night riding is on this year.

    Stratos CF 1 enters the toughest race on earth
    Everything you need for the toughest race on earth!
    • What is your strategy for this race regarding food and maybe reaching a point and no one is there to assist you?

    I will be carrying Instant porridge (Smart Food) in sachets with me as well as energy bars, gels, and dried fruit. I will be constantly fueling. A lot of carbs are essential.

    After two back injuries in the last two years, Pierre hurt himself previously at the last two Mungas, on the same spot during the night.

    “As this will not be a race for me, but more a journey, my strategy is to start slow and keep myself hydrated, fueled up with carbs and listen to my body. I want to finish in fours days”

    Stratos CF 1 enters the toughest race on earth
    Check out the Silverback Stratos CF 1


    • Your Silverback Stratos CF1. Have you made any adjustments to it?

    I have not changed anything on my Silverback Stratos CF1 at all. I will be cycling with the bike as is, but I will only add saddle bags, frame bags, and other equipment for the race.

    “The Stratos is an excellent bike for this event. It is light, stiff and I can for once say that I have found the bike suited for me. I am looking forward to spend this trip with ‘her’”

    • How many km have you done thus far on your Stratos CF 1?

    Wow, I got my bike on the 15 August 2019. I think I have cycled more than 7 000 km up to date on my Stratos CF 1!

    • What is your plan with sleep? How often do you plan on catching a catnap?

    We start at 12h00 on Wednesday 27th November 2019. I intend to ride the first section (222km) and reach there by 24h00 (midnight). I will eat and have a 2-hour rest before I tackle the next section. There I will sleep for 4 hours as the heat is always a factor. From there I will try to reach water points and Race Villages where I can plan my next phase. The idea is to sleep in the heat ride at night.

    This non-stop race will start on the 27th of November – 2nd December 2019.

    After the race, we will catch up with Piere to find out how the Silverback Stratos CF 1 handled this tough race!