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    Kilimanjaro in just 12 hours

    Nyiko Masango, the adventure enthusiast decided to take a stand for fathers. He cycled through three countries & in record time and conquered Kilimanjaro in 12 hours.

    Mr. Masango took on this adventure to start a campaign, raising awareness about absent fathers through cycling.

    Also known as Mr. Dynamix, Lifestyle coach, a speaker, photographer and father to a 6-year-old boy. All this started with his passion for fitness and speaking.

    “The campaign is about men taking their rightful position in their children’ lives, which is being a protector, provider, and guider,” he told a local newspaper.

    By Nyiko Masango

    His love for adventure started at a very young age, as with any other child it started on his first bicycle.

    His cycling expedition started on the 24th of September 2019. He cycled through three countries, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Malawi. Previously he cycled from Durban to Tzaneen with two buddies which was great preparation for what he just achieved.

    A support car carried all his bags, making the journey a bit lighter.

    “My ultimate goal is to conquer Kilimanjaro”

    By Nyiko Masango


    “I choose the trendy Silverback Sprint because it was the perfect bicycle for the trip that I have planned. I cycled most of the way on tar roads and experienced very hot conditions,” he said happily.

    silverback bikes Kilimanjaro in just 12 hours
    Nyiko Masango pass through Zimbabwe

    To avoid scorching heat, Mr. Dynamix would start his cycling journey at 4:30 AM. “My journey was smooth until the Tanzania border, my support car was not allowed to go in, so I had to rely on the locals to help me around with my bags,” he adds.


    After 3,400KM of cycling, he rested for 10 days to reach Gillman’s point (5688m) on Mount Kilimanjaro in twelve hours. The average human takes about five to nine days to reach the top!

    “The climb was amazing but tough. I was exhausted, I couldn’t walk properly but did not suffer altitude sickness”

    Every year his active campaign called “Presence in fatherhood” hosts an annual 100km walk to promote and encourage fathers to be actively involved in their kids’ lives.