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    Keep cycling fit at home during COVID – 19 lockdown

    So, you are trapped inside and can’t even get on your bike and go for a ride?  Not only are you worried about losing your fitness, but you are tired of sitting in front of the TV. Going to the gym is not an option, you don’t own a stationary trainer and space is limited. Getting exercise during this time is important as it will strengthen your immune system and improve your mental health. Therefore, we have compiled a list of strength training exercises you can do at home and with no equipment.

    Importance of strength training and how it helps endurance

    Strength training is not only important for bodybuilders but for us, cyclists to. It helps develop strong bones and keeps your body healthy and mobile for daily activities. If you haven’t been mixing your riding up with strength training, now is the time to start.

    If you own resistance bands, weights or have any items you can use as a weight, feel free to use them. Otherwise focus on your form, doing a high amount of repetitions and feeling the burn.


    When you think of cycling, you automatically think you need to train your legs, but a strong and stable core is an essential part of your performance on the bike. Believe it or not, but a strong core plays a role in the power put out by your legs. Therefore we suggest these two core exercises to help you strengthen your core and obliques:


    Keep cycling fit at home during COVID – 19 lockdown

    There are so many variations of planks, you will never get bored. Check out this article on 20 different plank exercises.

    Russian twists

    Keep cycling fit at home during COVID – 19 lockdown

    A great exercise to strengthen your obliques and improve your balance on the bike. You can easily make this a bit harder by holding a weight in your hands.



    Keep cycling fit at home during COVID – 19 lockdown

    When you are cycling you are putting downforce one leg at a time. Similarly, lunges are done one leg at a time. With so many different types of lunges available, you can improve your balance at the same time: 13 different lunge variations.


    Keep cycling fit at home during COVID – 19 lockdown

    The main muscles you use when peddling is quadriceps, hamstrings and your glutes. When you do squats, you use the same muscles. Get your heart rate up by doing jumping squats or jumping onto a box. 12 Science-Backed Benefits Of Squats You Should Know About

    Fully body exercise


    The dreaded burpee is an excellent total body exercise, that will improve your balance, power and agility. It will work your legs, glutes, core, chest, arms and back whilst getting your heart rate right up.

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